Getting Started for Schools

Typically, teachers become involved with Project SKIP in one of two ways: either a parent has initiated the on­line assessment process on behalf of an individual child or a school or school system has partnered with Project SKIP to perform the assessments on behalf of its students. It is important to understand that in either scenario, teachers will be invited by parents to complete the on­line screening instrument AFTER the parent has completed his or her assessment. Teachers will not be asked to complete assessments without parental participation and can expect to complete their portion of the screener in 5­-10 minutes per student. Because fees are covered by individual parents or schools, teachers always complete the assessment at no personal expense.

At the present time, the screeners associated with SKIP I are available on­line through this website. We encourage teachers to visit the How SKIP Works page on this site for a better understanding of the screening instruments and results.

Schools and school systems are encouraged to contact Dr. Bonny Forrest for more information about pricing and how their students can benefit from the social, emotional, and cognitive assessments available through Project SKIP.