Screening Promotion

Using the code from the book for one free screening

Below are instructions for using the promo code for a free assessment with a purchase of the Will My Kid Grow Out of It book.

  • Visit the "Create an Account" page.
  • Fill out the information required for the account and click the "Create Profile" button.
  • After creating your profile, you will be redirected to your assessment dashboard. From here, click on the add a new child button.
  • Fill out the information for your child and click the "Create" button.
  • After creating your child in the system, you will be redirected back to the assessment dashboard. From here, click on the "Perform Assessment" button.
  • In the next screen, there will be 3 selections. The middle selection is the option to enter in the promo code displayed in the book Will My Kid Grow Out of It. The promo code can be found at the beginning of the book. After entering the code, press the Continue button.
  • Once the valid promo code is entered, you will immediately be able to start the assessment. If it is not valid, please try again or purchase a credit.