We invite you to explore the Project SKIP site to learn as much as possible about screening children for social­-emotional, cognitive, and developmental issues—including autism spectrum disorders. We have also listed below a brief summary of the questions we are asked most frequently and our responses.

If you are unable to find the answers you need, please contact the Project SKIP team.

FAQQuestion and Answer

How does Project SKIP work?

Using practical, inexpensive screening instruments, Project SKIP is a multi­layered approach that screens comprehensively for social­-emotional, cognitive and developmental concerns—including autism spectrum disorders. Learn more about how SKIP works.

How long will the assessment take?

In as little as 20 minutes, parents and homeschoolers can complete SKIP’s easy­-to-­use on- line screeners and receive immediate and individual feedback. If teachers are participating in the process, they can expect to complete their portion of the screener in 5­10 minutes per student.

When will I receive the results from my assessment?

Parents and homeschoolers of children 3 years and older will receive immediate and individual feedback while still logged into their SKIP account. If screening children 2 years of age, they will receive an email response containing the results. Note that if teachers are participating in SKIP at the invitation of a parent, only parents will receive screening results, which will include a color key, along with descriptive text, to enhance understanding.

What should I do if my child is assessed as being “at risk?”

The results that parents receive after completing their assessments outline possible next steps in seeking and finding help for their child. Dr. Forrest is also available for personal consultation via telephone at a rate of $150/hour. Learn more about possible results.

Is my information secure and confidential?

Yes. The on­line assessments are protected by an individual account username and password authentication system using secure socket layer encryption (https). Individual child data collected during the assessment is only shared with Dr. Bonny Forrest, and in cases where the child's school has paid for the assessment, results may be shared with the school's Project SKIP administrator. Cumulative statistical data not specific to any child will be analyzed for publication. Project SKIP does not store credit card numbers. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

Why is Project SKIP so inexpensive?

Project SKIP uses the gold standard of screening instruments (*BPM and **SCQ©). Because they are administered on­line, in an automated fashion, we are able to keep the fees modest and affordable for most families. Dr. Bonny Forrest has spent much of her career as an advocate for children. She and her team are dedicated to the mental health of all children.

How is Project SKIP funded?

Dr. Forrest has provided the funding for the website and screening tools to date.

Does Project SKIP allow advertising on the site?

No. We are not currently offering advertising opportunities.

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