About Project SKIP

Project SKIP is a practical, inexpensive process for screening children as young as two years for developmental delays and cognitive and mental health concerns – including autism spectrum disorders.

Through its multi-layered approach, SKIP screens more comprehensively for issues, identifies why difficulties may be occurring, and provides the framework for designing effective, research-based interventions. Read More

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Why Screen with SKIP?

  • Screens for WHY a child is having difficulties
  • Screens for cognitive, behavioral, developmental, as well as academic issues
  • Motivated by calls for universal screening for mental health concerns
  • Uses scientifically validated instruments to design research-based classroom interventions
  • Supports more in-depth assessment through cognitive screening directly with the child
  • Provides options and a framework for IEP consultation and planning
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Project SKIP is an easy and affordable way to identify and alert families and homeschoolers to any signs of academic, behavioral, developmental, and emotional issues that interfere with a child's learning and development.

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Project SKIP responds to a school’s need for scientifically-based, comprehensive screening that can be administered economically and efficiently.

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Medical practices of any size can utilize Project SKIP to screen for developmental delays and cognitive and mental health concerns.

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